District Benevolent Fund Boards
The main objectives of the District Benevolent Fund Boards are to manage timely disbursement of grants, management of various welfare oriented schemes launched out of Benevolent Fund for the benefits of the non-gazetted government employees (BS-01 to BS-15) of Attached Department & their bereaved families etc. and to provide easy access to the employees serving in Districts at their doorstep.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of each District is the Chairman of District Benevolent Fund Board, who manage all the activities of Benevolent Fund at district level. Funds are allocated by Provincial Benevolent Fund Board to each District Benevolent Fund Board, as per their demand, to cater for the requirements of various Benevolent Fund grants. Composition of District Benevolent Fund Board is as under:-

Members of District Benevolent Fund Board

1. The Representative of Employees,
(BS-05 to BS-15) of District concerned.
(Nominated by Chairman)

2. The Representative of Employees,
(BS-01 to BS-04) of District concerned.
(Nominated by Chairman)

3. The Member - III,
(Government Employee)
(Nominated by Government)

4. The Member - IV,
(Government Employee)
(Nominated by Government)

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